2nd Annual Community Writing Intensive…Durham, NC

2nd Annual Community Writing Intensive
an Intergenerational Process for Art and Social Justice

Contact: Ebony Noelle Golden                                                        For Immediate Release


Durham, NC—Aug. 27-29 artists from North Carolina, Tennessee, and New York will gather for the second annual Community Writing Intensive in Durham, NC at the Healing with CAARE facilities located at 214 Broadway.  The motto of this year’s Intensive is “Poetry for change: word.justice.community” and will focus on using poetry as a tool for actualizing justice in local communities.  The Community Writing Intensive is sponsored by Funds for Southern Communities, Healing with CAARE, Inc., betty’s daughter arts collaborative, SpiritHouse-NC and BrokenBeautiful Press.
This year’s intensive features:
·         Tuition-free workshops
·         Workshops led by community poets and community organizers
·         Travel Scholarships for commuters
·         Release of In The People’s Hands Literary Zine
·         Youth-led programs
·         Workshops taught by youth, adults and elders
·         Performance workshops
·         Action-based community dialogue
·          Re-issuing Community Writing Intensive online chapbook (ohsointense.wordpress.com)

For more information about the intensive, to apply or to donate time, money, or services contact inthepeopleshands@gmail.com or call Ebony Golden at 9194233780.


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2nd Annual Community Writing Intensive Aug 27-29

Join us Aug 27-29 for the 2nd Annual Community Writing Intensive

Join us Aug 27-29 for the 2nd Annual Community Writing Intensive

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 above:  Monica Daye meditating on some Ntozake Shange.  Oh so necessary!!





Betty’s daughter arts collaborative
Durham, NC

Press Release

Contact: Ebony Noelle Golden, MFAinthepeopleshands@gmail.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

Community Writing intensive a success!
Durham, NC, May 18, 2007:  Congratulations to Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, Broken Beautiful Press, and SpiritHouse-NC for successfully completing the first annual Community Writing Intensive.  Last week a group of intensely passionate and community oriented poets and artists met to discuss how poetry  fortifies communities, provides a voice for community members, and is a viable political and social response to the issues local communities face.  Here are some of the highlights of the first annual Community Writing Intensive:

·    Workshop focused on Africana poets and poetic forms

·    Tuition-free (thanks to dedicated sponsors)

·    Lunch provided (thanks to dedicated sponsors)

·    Poet and activist D. Noble awarded the Betty Ann Sims, Ed.D. Artist/Scholar Travel Scholarship

·    Creation of Community Writing Intensive online chapbook(ohsointense.wordpress.com) launched July 07

Although we have completed the first annual Community Writing Intensive, you can stay involved in the activities and initiatives of our sponsors.  Do not hesitate to email inthepeopleshands@gmail.com to offer a donation, share opportunities for networking or, to join our virtual community and to get involved.  






And Now Introducing….


                    Oh So Intense….

An online Chapbook of poems and photography

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A Note from the Director of the Community Writing Intensive

Greetings Loved Ones,

Below you will find writings created by members of the Annual Community Writing Intensive held in Durham, NC.  Those sistas and brothas who participated graciously shared their time, critique, and love over a three day period and here is just a taste of what we learned together.

I would like to personally thank all those who participated, and sent their well wishes as Broken Beautiful Press, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, and SpiritHouse-NC continue to create and share arts programming all over this planet.

Please check back for more poems and ways to get involved with grassroots literary organizing.

Ashe (all day)

Ebony Noelle Golden, MFA

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative


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poet/activist/husband/father /D. Noble

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, Broken Beautiful Press, and SpiritHouse-NC are proud to annouce the winner of the Betty A. Sims, Ed.D Artist/Scholar Travel Scholarship, Mr. D. Noble of Greensboro, NC.


D. Noble is a grassroots community artist informed and inspired by the angst and passions of the people. He believes in functional Black art that can be wielded into a tangible weapon empowering the people to strike back against the stifling forces of oppression.

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“Praises Be Upon My Mother”

Candice Mitchell*

Greetings, life-sustainer of four,

Full of intelligence, strength, and determination.

I show gratitude for helping shape my identity.

You who worked continuously making sure your children are fed,

I show gratitude.

You who remained after each surgery,

I show gratitude.

You who learned the basis of my disease,

I show gratitude.

You who placed all our needs above your own,

I show gratitude.

Receive my morning greetings


above: if these fingers could write the ancestors, what would they write?

See hear

by: ebony noelle golden

grab the dirt    rotate the skull   spit light  lighten the step  step light  rest in the right   then write

like this

1.  fight  2. remember  3.  resistresistresist  4.  rest  5.  rise and chop  6.  splay and shed  7.  bring leave burn  8.  repeat

turn slow   bring the palm to cheek   check for pulse  the repeat resist repeat  resist

where does the body begin

itch   swing



ebony noelle golden is the director of betty’s daughter arts collaborative and an active member of SpiritHouse-NC.  she is currently a graduate student in Performance Studies at NYU where is articulating the artistic and spiritual resistance models of her ancestors all day every day.  contact her at furiousflower@gmail.com

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Above:  Mama Nia drops knowledge how it should be dropped.

for gil
(an almost gigan created at the Poetry by the People Community Writing Intensive)

by: alexis pauline gumbs

we cannot write a eulogy for you
period becomes ellipsis

like battered prophecy in vein
tomorrow claws our collective back
money knocks teeth forward holes

soul on shiver
smack on cage
choke hold every stolen page

rage to proof that lines do make us bleed
and you were in our heartbeats all along

slice the forearm skin right off the news
we cannot write this eulogy for you

soul on shiver
smack on cage
you steal the present into final stage
we memorize your face a fading blue

and we would quit, breathe water, heal for you
but you remain to make us beg the task


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